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Yes, you read it right. Thanks to LG, this may soon become a reality. LG Innotek, a subsidiary of LG, has successfully developed such a design wherein the fingerprint sensor is placed under the display.

LG has put the fingerprint sensor under the display

The way fingerprint modules are placed in current smartphones, they are prone to scratches as the users are required to make physical contact with them in order to authenticate. With the new design, this problem can be easily solved. The display already has a protective covering (like Gorilla or Dragontrail glass), and the fingerprint sensor can sit under it unharmed. Also, the OEM’s need not worry about the fingerprint module when making IP67 certified (waterproof) devices.

To house the sensor, a 0.3 mm thick cut is made on the lower backside of the glass. The sensor is then attached to the display with the help of an adhesive.

If we talk about accuracy, this design is comparably accurate to the ones available today. The probability that an unauthorized person will gain access to the device (via the fingerprint sensor, of course) is as low as 0.002%.

Effectively, all this means that we will be able to unlock the device by just placing our fingers on the display. Even though this sounds interesting, it is just the beginning. But yeah, the future looks promising. We’ll have to wait and see how the events unfold.

As far as their commercial availability is concerned, there is no news yet. But given the increasing demand of a fingerprint sensor in portable gadgets and the rise of digital payments, the day is not too far.

Stay tuned for follow-up stories regarding the same.
Intex has launched a new series of smartphones, the Lions Series. It is named after their IPL team, the Gujarat Lions. The first device in the series is the Intex Aqua Lions 3G.

Intex Aqua Lions 3G

It is powered with a 1 GB RAM, and a 32-bit 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The device comes with 8 GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 32 GB. To add to the storage woes, there is a lot of bloatware pre-installed! The Aqua Lions 3G has a battery of 3,500 mAh capacity. On the connectivity front, the device supports 3G, along with the usual WiFi and Bluetooth.

The smartphone comes with a 5-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, and pixel density of 294 pixels-per-inch. The device features a 5 MP rear camera with dual LED flash, and a 2 MP front camera.

Intex Aqua Lions 3G comes in white, grey and champagne color options. It is reasonably priced at ₹4,990 ($75 approx.)

Intex Aqua Lions 3G specifications

Operating System: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 8 GB internal, expandable up to 32 GB
Display: 5.0 inch HD IPS
Resolution (pixels): 1280x720
Primary camera: 5 megapixel
Secondary camera: 2 megapixel
Battery: 3,500 mAh
Dimensions (WidthxHeightxDepth): 71.5x145.0x9.5 mm
Weight: 172 g
Price: ₹4,990 ($75 approx.)
Do you play games on your Android device? If yes, there's a good news. We are back with our monthly series for the best Android games. Following five (in no particular order) are the ones we played and liked this month. Make sure not to miss any.

Best Android games of April 2016

Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! is the latest game in the series. It is based on the movie (releasing next month), which was itself inspired from a game of the same name! Gamoviception is it!? The idea of the game is to aim and shoot the birds, so that they can save some eggs. The birds in the game are the characters in the movie. To unlock some special content in the game, BirdCodes need to scanned. The scanner tries to open the camera app on the smartphone. We denied the permission to do so, and bam, the game crashed! The game is interesting, but maybe the good people at Rovio do not understand the concept of rigorous testing!

Disney Crossy Road

Remember Crossy Road? It was featured in our list of the best Android games of 2015. Now, Disney has given it a cartoonish appeal. Disney Crossy Road is the same fun, but with characters from the Disney and Pixar world. Go play, and help your favorite characters cross the road.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

If you are a fan of Marvel comics, TV series and movies, go and play Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 right away. It is a sequel to the game of the same name. The idea is to make your own team comprising of your favorite Marvel superheroes, and then fight against the various super villains of the Marvel world. The game downloads a lot of stuff during launch. It crashed once for us when almost half the utilities were downloaded. On second try, to our surprise, it started the download from the beginning! It installed successfully though, but they should consider making a backup of the downloaded data.

Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures is the digital adaptation of the card RPG (role-playing game) of the same name. The idea is to fight the devils and villains by the help of weapons, allies, charms and other powers that can be collected during the course of the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is a fun and engaging action game. The idea is to control a Warhammer Freeblade to protect your house from the enemy forces. The graphical details are good. Overall, it is a nice way to kill time.

Is there any other game that you think must have made to this list? Let us know in the comments below. We are always hungry to play more!
We have a good and a bad news for avid gamers. The bad news is that the mysterious gaming console from the house of Nintendo (yes, we are talking about the NX) is not going to launch anytime this year. Instead, it will launch, wait for it, in March next year. That's the good news.

Nintendo NX

After a lot of speculations, Nintendo has finally confirmed the NX launch date via a tweet posted by them. After a lot of fake leaks regarding the console's controller, we are happy to have an official statement. A lot of rumors over time have also hinted towards the NX being a hybrid of console and handheld form, but sadly there is no official information that can clear the air around the matter.

Additionally, according to another tweet, the upcoming Legend of Zelda game will simultaneously launch on Wii U and NX in 2017. In fact, it will be the focus of the next press event by Nintendo, which is scheduled for June this year. Unfortunately, this means that the gaming community will have to wait almost an year to get their hands on the new game. Better late than never.

Miitomo, the smartphone game by Nintendo which was launched earlier this year has now been played by more than 10 million people. As a result, the company has decided to bring more apps to smartphones, and this list includes the famous Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

And now we wait.
Swipe has today launched their latest entry-level smartphone, the Elite Note. It is the newest addition to their Elite series of devices. The rear cover has a sandstone finish, giving the device a premium look.

Swipe Elite Note

The Swipe Elite Note runs on 1.3 GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, and is powered by 3 GB RAM. It runs on Freedom OS, based on Android 5.0 Lollipop. This can be a deal breaker, as we expect Marshmallow out-of-the-box for new devices, now that Android N is right on the edge.

The device comes with 16 GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 32 GB. The smartphone has a battery of 3,000 mAh capacity. On the connectivity front, the device supports 4G LTE along with the usual WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Swipe Elite Note comes with a 5.5-inch HD IPS display with Vi-Di technology and a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The display is covered with the Dragontrail glass to protect it from scratches. The device packs a 13 MP rear camera with flash, and a 5 MP front camera with a wide-angle lens for selfies.

The device is exclusively available on Flipkart, and is priced at ₹7,999 ($120 approx.).

Swipe Elite Note specifications

Operating System: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Processor: 1.3 GHz quad-core
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Storage: 16 GB internal, expandable up to 32 GB
Display: 5.5 inch HD IPS
Resolution (pixels): 1280x720
Primary camera: 13 megapixel
Secondary camera: 5 megapixel
Battery: 3,000 mAh
Dimensions (WidthxHeightxDepth): 77.1x154.0x8.4 mm
Weight: 194 g
Price: ₹7,999 ($120 approx.)
Lenovo has announced that Vibe S1 is now available for ₹12,999. Remember that this smartphone first went on sale in November 2015 in India. The smartphone is down ₹3,000 from the original launch price of ₹15,999. But there was already a price cut of ₹1,000 earlier. That means the effective price cut now is just ₹2,000.

Lenovo Vibe S1

Lenovo Vibe S1 was the first device to feature dual front cameras. The smartphone created a lot of buzz owing to this.

The device will be available on Amazon at the new price starting tomorrow. Since we haven't reviewed the device, it is tough to say whether the price cut is justified and whether you should consider this as an option for your next purchase.

Lenovo Vibe S1 specifications

Operating System: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Processor: 1.7 GHz octa-core
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Storage: 32 GB internal, expandable up to 128 GB
Display: 5.0 inch full HD IPS
Resolution (pixels): 1920x1080
Primary camera: 13 megapixel
Secondary camera: 8 megapixel + 2 megapixel
Battery: 2,420 mAh
Dimensions (WidthxHeightxDepth): 70.8x143.3x7.8 mm
Weight: 132 g
Price: ₹12,999 ($195 approx.)