[Technology] Special-purpose computers you might not know about

Most people use computers every day to send messages, check email and conduct business. Very few people use the kind of specialized, emerging technology needed at the most elite levels of the military and government. Some of these astounding computers can resist the force of a blast from a roadside explosive. They're needed in high-pressure situations when an ordinary laptop or desktop isn't reliable enough.

[Top 4] Ways technology has helped businesses

ways technology has helped businesses
In this contemporary era, technological advancements have revolutionized the way businesses are run. In addition to offering a variety of environment-friendly gadgets and devices that preserve the planet, technological advancements have helped to eliminate time-consuming, monotonous tasks that leave employees bored and frustrated. By learning more about the various positive influences that technology has had on businesses, you can make an informed decision regarding which gadgets, devices, and software would be of greatest benefit to you.

[Top 10] Apps that simplify everyday needs

Apps that simplify everyday needs
There is an app for almost every project, chore, and job imaginable; and that is what can make the app market such a confusing place. For those who are ready to use their smartphone to their advantage, here is a look at ten of the top choices for anyone who wants to simplify those daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in their life.

[How-to] Engage mobile app users through cutting edge UX

User experience
User Experience (UX) technology is now an essential part of any application that aims to be successful in the market. Companies like Apple have mastered the ability to engage users and provide intuitive interfaces that are easily accessible. What this means is that any person can use a Apple laptop without having to do a lot of work to learn how the device works; they just find it intuitive and almost second nature. Mobile apps also need to meet the standards imposed by UX to be successful. People expect that a mobile app will be easy to use and intuitive, otherwise they will not waste their time in downloading the app, or paying for it. Following are the key points one must take care about, while making a mobile app.

[Top 5] Cameras for travel photographers

Love traveling? And love clicking snaps during your travel? You are, then, a keen and enthusiastic travel photographer. According to the Photographic Society of America, "any image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations" is considered as a travel photo. This might sound easy, but clicking a travel photo is no easy job, no matter you are an amateur or a professional. Choosing the right camera can help you a lot to capture good photographs. Following is a list of 5 cameras best suited for travel photography.

[Giveaway] Nikon Df, Canon EOS 6D or Sony a7R

Planning to buy a digital camera? Or still struggling hard to collect the required amount of cash? Need not worry anymore, because here I bring to you an awesome method which can help you just win one for free.

[Top 15] Videos that went viral in 2013

Most viral videos of 2013
A picture speaks a thousand words. But what about a video then? A million at-least? Maybe more. But it definitely gets millions of views. Everyone of us are fond of videos. And Youtube is the best place to find them. In 2013, all of us would have watched a lot of videos belonging to different niches. But, which are the ones that the world watched and appreciated altogether? Have you watched all of them? Here is a list of the 15 best videos that went viral in 2013. Make sure not to miss any!

[Top 10] Smartphones launched in 2013

top 10 smartphones launched in 2013
The year 2013 is about to end. Like all the other years, 2013 has also been an year of ups-and-downs. Talking about technology, we wrote an article in January this year predicting different technological concepts which might become a reality. And most of them came to be true. Such is the power of technology. And if one considers all the smartphones released in 2013, the list will go on-and-on. We have come to your rescue, by listing this year's top 10 smartphones.

[Real Steel] Launched for iOS and android

Real Steel World Robot Boxing logo
Reliance Games, a leading international developer and publisher of mobile games, has officially released Real Steel: World Robot Boxing (WRB) on iOS and android today, making the robot-brawler franchise free-to-play! WRB comes from the studio, which developed Real Steel, the App Store smash hit with over 10M players worldwide. Real Steel: WRB offers outrageous finishing attacks, piston punching actions and high definition visuals of nuts and bolts flying all over the ring, as well as the rush of boxing with your friends in real-time multiplayer.

[Survey] iPhone users more optimistic and easy-going

Do you own a smartphone? What a silly question! Of course, you do. What do you use it the most for? Have you ever wondered what others use it for? We have co-produced an infographic to answer all your related questions. According to a survey, 18% of the iPhone users will stop bathing before giving up their iPhone. Hilarious, isn't it? 64% of the total downloaded apps are games, while only 26% of them relate to shopping. An average iPhone user spends around 15 hours a month playing games, while an average Windows Phone user spends only 5 hours. Owners of Apple devices are more optimistic and easy-going than their Android counterparts. More such interesting facts in the infographic below.